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(Helpful details added by - Esteban - Jan 09, 2013)

First of all, allow my family aprctpiaee a person’s command during this matter. Even though this is certainly brand new , nevertheless soon after registering your site, this intellect has exploded extensively. Allow all of us to take hold of one’s rss to help keep in touch with at all probable messages Sincere understand but will pass it on to help admirers and my personalized are living membersVA:F [1.9.7_1111]please wait...VA:F [1.9.7_1111](from 0 votes)

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(Helpful details added by - Adryelle - Jan 08, 2013)

Jennie takes amazing photo's and is turley dedicated. I remember when she took my engagement pictures she was rolling on the ground and everything and I thought to myself man she means business about taking these pictures and in the end i think if she hadn't rolled around and got dirty they wouldn't have turned out like they did:)

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disaster service
(Helpful details added by - sunny - Sep 08, 2012)

i called on your land-line line numbers as i was facing a issue related to ticket issue but there was no one who attended the call. i hope the senior management will look after. it was really a sad and worst experience with fun cinemas....dont loose ur customers like this....

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Pathetic services just cut off all the telebooking numbers
(Helpful details added by - shilpa - Jun 08, 2012)

As i already made N numbers of complaints to your local office (chandigarh) as well as online on fun cinema site. But nothing was happen till now. If u cant given services to ur customer then just cut off your tele booking numbers (9646437455, 9988889750 & 4017841). I have made a complaint for the same problem in the month of feb but till now there is no such changes in services still that number shows switched off or no response. In fact why you people have created this site fun cinema where we can made any complaint of fun cinema services i think this site is useless as like as there services bcoz no body hardly bother to take any action against their employees who r not working properly or given proper services. Not given any services in fact spoiling name of fun cinema. Wake up fun cinema as it is high time. If still you cant give services then pls appoint me in your company so that i can teach how to work.

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Why your tele booking number always show switched off o eles ring goes but no answer
(Helpful details added by - shilpa - Feb 09, 2012)

From last 5 year i m vising fun cinema you can chk the details from my name or by number. But from last 7 to 8 months i m facing issue from your tele booking phones every time whenever i called to ur boking number they never picked a call or many times it shows switched off. I mean if you dont want to give the services then there is no use to mention such number in your sites or no need to post such number to movie counter for faster services. This is not the way how your executive are given service to your customers. I Wanted to share one common incident which always happen with me or i think with every customer. Suppose i called on Thursday for booking of XYZ movie and asked for a row there answer was yes it is available but not in top row i mean what the hell is this yaar and this is not one time answer every time there ans was same why we cant see a movie by sitting in a last row is we r not paying money? Or such seats are for your own employees? I want answer why this was happening with our peoples? In fact before written this complaint i made a call to your landline number also which is 172-4017841,0172-4050123 but no one bother to pick a call. My only suggestion to you people please dont lose your customers. Improver your tele booking service and give us a change to write wonderful about your mall and you services rest its up to you guys. Otherwise if i talk about mall then its a best mall in chandigarh but because of this poor service i dont know what to say?

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book ticket
(Helpful details added by - om - Aug 15, 2009)


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(Helpful details added by - gajender - Apr 26, 2010)


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(Helpful details added by - ajay saini - Aug 22, 2010)


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(Helpful details added by - Gatsy - Jul 24, 2011)

I really coludn't ask for more from this article.

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how to book tickets by tele booking..?
(Helpful details added by - amit - May 12, 2010)

plz gve sum solution 4 dis..

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poor service
(Helpful details added by - abhi - Jun 02, 2011)

please cut ur all numbers b'se they r nt attended by ny1.

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Tele Booking No. always switched off or no response
(Helpful details added by - Gurjit Singh Lohat - May 17, 2010)

About Fun cinemas, I had a very bad experience without seen any movie. They have sold me coupon for Rs.500/- saying purchase 1st ticket 2nd one free and some other exciting offers with validity of six months, but only on telebooking n gave me No.9646437455. That no. always switched off or no response. As I am residing at Mohali not possible to go there for advance booking.

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2 Tickets for 3 idiots timing 3-6
(Helpful details added by - Raj - Jan 01, 2010)

Pls hold two tickets Rs/90

For Raj and Geet

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ticket booking
(Helpful details added by - Anil Nath - May 21, 2010)

pls confirm my ticket isbooked or not

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(Helpful details added by - ranjit - Feb 14, 2010)


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